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Here you can find all of the wonderful resources that I have used. Thanks so much to everyone on this list, you don't know how much I love you for being so generous!

adolwyn- Aladdin Screen Caps
ladyheatherlly- Elizabethtown Screen Caps
awakencordy- Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy Screen Caps
celeb_photobook- High Quality Celebrity Images
dempsey_daily- Patrick Dempsey Images
hires_hotties- Hires Female Celebrity Images
hires_hunks- Hires Male Celebrity Images
house_daily- House M.D. Images
_jems_- Pirates of the Caribbean Screen Caps
jmo_daily- Jennifer Morrison Images
lilly_daily- Evangeline Lilly Images
oc_daily- The O.C. Images
pic_commune- High Quality Celebrity Images
spiffy_themes Bones, House, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls Screen Caps
teh_indy- Garden State, Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty Screen Caps
veronica_mars- Promotional Images

Alias Media- General Alias Images
Annon nan Galadh- Lord of the Rings Screen Caps
Desiring Hayden- Hayden Christensen Photoshoots/ Star Wars
Elijah Fan- Elijah Wood Photoshoots/ LOTR Ian Somerhalder Photoshoots
Keira Pictures- Keira Knightly Photoshoots/ POTC
Kristen Bell Fan- Kristen Bell Photoshoots/ Veronica Mars
Lost Media- General Lost Images
Mischa-B- Mischa Barton Photshoots/ The O.C.
Natural Beauty- Kristen Bell Photoshoots
POTC Web- Pirates of the Caribbean Screen Caps Rachel Bilson Photoshoots/ The O.C.
The Brody Bunch- Adam Brody Photoshoots/ The O.C.
The OC Images- General O.C. Images
The OC Show- General O.C. Images
VM- Caps- Veronica Mars Screencaps

blimey_icons- Great and useful brushes
colorfilter- Amazing Light Textures
crazedicons Earthy Tone Gradients here
disappearicons- Icon textures
eightyfour__- Cute and scribbly
ewanism- Tons of great resources
dearest- An amazing assortment of textures
inxsomniax- Great handmade textures
peoplemachines- Large scratchy textures and sky stock
sexycereal- Fun shape stamps and inspiration
spectralicons- Shiny textures and brushes
neke- Light textures
teh_indy- Many icon brushes
wash_when_dirty- Very useful icon-sized textures
wickedripeplum- Aurora Borealis light textures

Hybrid Genesis- Great textures, brushes and tutorials
Tre-Xture- Amazing large and icon sized textures
Touchstone's Art- Polaroids, and the best header-sized brushes

Da Font- My favorite font website
Font Garden- Handwriting fonts
Planet Claire- The O.C. and other quote collections
Wikiquote- Quotes from movies, television, books, etc.
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